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iPWC – the essentials

We are a specialist property and management consultancy researching, designing and implementing strategy, workplace design and change solutions for our clients. With many years of experience working across all sectors of industry, we aim to become your trusted advisor; taking on complete responsibility and ownership of each project, problem and challenge. 

Our people are specialists in their fields, we start adding value right from the very outset of a commission, right from the point at which you recognise that ‘something needs to be done’ – from strategy through to design, transition and into implementation (including culture change).  We use our experience and knowledge of best practice and latest insights to deliver truly effective and deliverable solutions to our clients. 

We recognise that your in-house teams may well have their hands full with business as usual and that what you need is an extra pair of hands to help out with a particular project.  We make sure that when ever we work with clients that we work in conjunction with inhouse teams, engage with all stakeholders to make sure that solutions we develop are collaborative and sound – we also make sure we leave embedded knowledge and skills at throughout our commissions.

With over 50 years of experience in our management team, check out our team page for the full range of experience.


In Summary:

  • We provide senior leadership skills to identify, develop and implement solutions that deliver real benefits and which are aligned with existing business strategies
  • We develop efficient property strategies that optimise outcomes and enable flexibility.
  • We define and deliver workplace design solutions that meet the needs of the business and its workforce.
  • We provide integrated property, workplace and transition management to support and enable workforce change.

Our Approach

We have many years of experience working with clients from across all sectors of industry. We are often their trusted advisor and take responsibility and ownership of each project, problem, and challenge. People are at the heart of any project, which is why we take a personal approach, and why we have such powerful industry endorsement. The key business benefits of our approach are: –

  • Improved business performance on service delivery
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Efficiency savings through better use of accommodation
  • Reduced recruitment and retention costs
  • A happier and more engaged workforce
  • Environmental benefits; property and business contributing to the corporate social responsibilities commitment
  • Developed in conjunction with organisational design and transformation programmes
  • Improvements in employee morale, productivity and loyalty.

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