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LGC - Workplace Strategy

LGC - Developing their new London Campus

iPWC were appointed to assist with the design of LGC’s new Teddington HQ, housing their central UK Laboratory & Corporate functions.

Our work focussed on defining the optimum office space requirements for their business, working alongside the appointed Laboratory specialist for the technical areas, to inform the Architects base build size & internal configuration.

We engaged with LGC Leadership, stakeholders & wider business teams over the course of 3 weeks, to identify requirements & maximise the office operation, taking into consideration new ways of working, the impact of Covid-19 and advances in technology. Our involvement included:

  • Bringing staff ‘On the Journey’ to the new facility. Exploring new ways of working, innovation in the workplace and collaboration, by way of facilitating workshops & 1:1 briefing meetings

  • Identifying current culture, team & business synergies, and operational activities

  • Testing & validating both the client assumptions on projected headcount & occupancy and the Project managers initial briefing information

  • Consideration of the architect’s sustainable building concept design, open floorplate & footplate sizing,

Our space calculator identified an optimum spatial requirement of 4,300sqm to support the projected headcount of 473 & included a variety of alternative work settings in addition to the support & central facility requirements, as ascertained during the engagement process. Our requirements report was then handed over to the architect to translate into concept design solutions.

Following this engagement we established a Change Management Strategy roadmap for the business, to assist users in adapting to new ways of working, through behavioural, physical, and technological changes. To embrace the basic principles of sharing, flexibility, mobility, choice, variety, and efficiency and to experience an efficient & effective workplace that supports activities, fosters community, creates transparency & encourages collaboration.

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