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Salford City Council Adult Social Care

Delivering the Transformation of the Adult Social Care and Foundation Trust Accommodation

The accommodation across the Civic Centre is outdated and not fit for purpose. Despite a recent rationalisation programme across the campus, the condition and suitability of much of the estate is inadequate and not fit for purpose.  

iPWC were appointed to assist Salford City Council to work with the to review the Adult Social Care team and Salford Royal Foundation Trust current accommodation and determine the future workplace needs, developing a new workplace solution and transition plan in order to create a high performing workplace.

orking with the client sponsor and key stakeholders from the business we developed a proposed workplace solution for the Adult Social Care and ICO teams based within the Civic Centre, Swinton.

We continue to work with the Councils Estates Function and the service delivery teams in the delivery of their workplace change project in addition to the development of a wider workplace strategy and set of standards that will see the accommodation transformed in order to enable greater efficiency and effectiveness of the estate.

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