Space Utilisation Studies

What is a Space Utilisation and Activity Study?

A Space Utilisation Study (SUS for short) is the study of people and the activities they are undertaking within a working environment.

This provides management information on the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of space, allowing the client to make informed real estate decisions, which support the needs of the business and its future plans allowing the organisation to seamlessly adapt and change.

Space Utilisation and Activity Studies focus on observing and monitoring both the use of and activity undertaken in locations across a workplace such as desks, meeting rooms, reception, breakout spaces, telephone booths and photocopiers.

We use a secure cloud based application to capture data via tablets and analyse the information sourced during the survey in real time. Our approach minimises errors and speeds up reporting which and enables our clients to self-deliver parts of the survey using existing on site staff.

The surveys are detailed, recording not just utilisation of space but also the activities undertaken and the tools (technology) being used thereby providing a greater depth of information about the way in which your space is used.

Who commissions the study?

Space Utilisation and Activity Studies are typically commissioned by astute clients who wish to gain a better understanding of their use of space and explore possible efficiency savings.

We are also commissioned by Property Agents, Developers and other build professionals, who use our expertise to help them understand their Client’s use of space.

The Benefits of a Space Utilisation and Activity Study

  • Measures the efficiency of your workspace, before and after changes.
  • Confirms whether spaces and objects are ‘right type, right size’
  • Determines whether existing facilities are being well used
  • Identifies underutilised spaces and misused spaces
  • Identifies the need for other facilities or changes in facilities
  • Can be used to manage the use of meeting rooms and spaces
  • Can support projects to align your workplace to your organisational goals
  • Contributes to efficiencies and reduction in real estate costs.

Our approach to delivering Space Utilisation Study’s not only provides you with comprehensive data on your workspace and detailed heat maps of use within your space but also provides interpretation of the data with narrative and guidance, allowing you to make the best use of the information obtained.

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