Change & Transition Management

We’ve invested in new office space and technology but our people still haven’t changed!

Without exception, to be successful in delivering change within any organisation its workforce needs to be engaged; not only in workplace design, but also throughout the implementation of the wider organisational development of the organisation. Even a well-planned workplace and organisational change may fail to achieve their outcomes of improved efficiency and effectiveness if the workforce simply adhere to old workplace practices, behaviours and habits.

At iPWC we support clients by delivering change and transition management services that create meaningful and lasting change within the organisation – truly changing the way people work.

Engagement with senior stakeholders to shape the vision and aligning the project starts the journey. We explore the deliverables and their implications for the proposed workplace and people change activities. The resultant agreed ‘principles’ form an integral part of the change process and act as a guide as the project moves forward. Our experience in delivering Change Management as a part of our clients workplace strategy often identifies hidden benefits from implementing workplace change and acts as the enabler to improve productivity and other operational efficiencies that can arise from the investment in the physical workplace.


Transitioning into the new workplace

A redesigned workplace is a constituent part of increasing the effectiveness of the occupants, but even greater benefit can be derived from implementing a programme of transition support for employees in scope of your workplace change. To achieve this our proven approach will move the organisation from ‘where they are’ to ‘where they want to be’. Having developed a relationship with the staff through positive and proactive communication, our approach to managing the transition into the new workplace is a natural development, providing a range of activities, toolkits and hands on support such as workplace protocols, multi-channel communication material, awareness sessions employee toolkits, charters for occupation, move / welcome packs in addition to post occupancy support and attendance.

Across all activities within this service line, communication is the key to success; at all levels, two-way and in good time. We use existing corporate systems overlaid with our tried and tested techniques to create a common understanding, prepare and equip the business for change, creating the opportunity for feedback at all times.

If you would like to discuss the positive impact that our change and transition services work can have on your organisation a please do contact us, no matter how early or late you are in your project time line.

The Results Were Amazing

Now we are nearing completion of the fit out and move to the Cottons Centre, I wanted to express my thanks.   

I feel we have been very much a team with a strong focus on delivering a quality end product, both in terms of the building and helping Network Rail staff to embrace a change in working practices.

I am proud of what we  have achieved.

Jayne Hemingway, Network Operations Lead, Network Rail

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