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Delivering cost savings and efficiency across your estate

Our own research confirms that many of today’s workplaces are inefficient, they are frequently unoccupied for large periods of time and do not support the needs of the organisation or the workforce.

The way we work has changed significantly; the expectations of the workforce on their employers, developments in technology and customer needs drive a completely different approach to using todays workplace. Its widely accepted that work is no longer somewhere we go, it’s what we do. Office presenteeism is fast becoming a thing of the past; what’s important to business leaders is the output that’s generated. As a result many of today’s workplaces are underutilised up to 55% of the time throughout the working week, add to this associated meeting space, alternative worksettings and support spaces the overall efficiency of the workplace can reduce even further.

When we consider that property is one of the largest financial commitments an organisation will ever make, why don’t business leaders do more to ensure their portfolio provides the maximum return?

At iPWC we specialise in delivering property and workplace solutions for our clients. We work closely with our clients to identify their property and workplace challenges analysing their portfolio, their business strategy and operations, the activities of the workforce and where appropriate their customers to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of their estate.

The solutions we identify and deliver enable significant property and workplace cost savings to be realised, in many cases up to 30% of their annual property operating cost. When coupled with the parallel benefits that an efficient workplace can deliver (for example productivity, health & wellbeing, greater collaboration, reducing duplication etc) the true benefits are significantly greater.

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