Relocation Management

An often overlooked but an essential project role

Relocations and restacks are complex projects to set-up, manage and deliver; with multiple stakeholders and work streams to coordinate, requiring large amounts of data to be gathered and correctly analysed in order for a move to be successful. Without the right level of support and particularly experience of delivering these projects, it can prove very difficult to get it right.

If you’re looking to carry out either an office relocation to another site or more simply an internal building restack is all that you feel you require, moves and changes can be disruptive and disengaging for staff.

Any relocation or major building refurbishment or restack can affect your business, impacting morale, productivity and ultimately the service received by your customers / service users.

Moves and changes can occur for any number of reasons – business change implementation, business growth, a reduction of floor space available, or relocation to a new site for operational cost savings or lease events. Whatever the objective driving the need to move, the success of these objectives can be easily undermined by the physical changes required to implement them.

If you need advice determining what you should do – we can a help

But before you decide on a solution – relocation or restack, talk to us about our advisory services that help determine a business needs led strategy and our Workplace Solutions team who can advise on the best ways to implement more flexible ways of working – possibly saving you money and improving your workforce attraction and retention.

With the relocation and / or restack usually being part of the final element of these projects, if poorly executed, they give a negative experience to staff, which cascades back through the whole project experience. If the relocation is not a seamless transition, obtaining engagement and satisfaction with the project objective can be an uphill struggle for the project team.

We have the expertise to take away the burden of organising and delivering an office move from our clients. We work with your internal teams and any external stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition that engages staff in every step. Importantly, our approach is mindful of achieving the overall project objectives.

This enables us to deliver successful relocations that complement the intended project outcomes. We do this by embedding our relocation specialists in your project to so that the key relationships are built, we understand how you ‘get things done’, and trust in the team for successful project delivery is achieved.

Click here for further information regarding our unique approach to managing our clients relocation needs.

Alternatively please contact us for further details on how we may be able to assist, no matter how early or late you are in your project time line.

I cannot recommend iPWC highly enough. Throughout, they maintained a high degree of professionalism, were proactive and their engagement and communication with stakeholders and their detailed planning allowed a smooth transition from Cheshire to Manchester. I would also like to give a special mention to Karl. His guidance, assistance and perseverance were critical in the successfully delivery of the project.

Damion Shaw

Senior Project Manager., Manchester Metropolitan University