Workforce Analytics

Activity based workforce analytics using cutting edge technology

Astute corporate occupiers are seeking to create a competitive advantage, drive ways to create a greater return from their portfolio and enhance the performance of their business. The development of an effective and efficient workplace is one of the key areas that can achieve all of these and more.

Does your workplace enhance your business, workforce and customers experience?

Many organisations are seeking to refresh their portfolio and workplace however, before such a project is commenced or design activity progresses it is important to understand the performance of the current workplace, so that current constraints can be addressed and how that impacts on the effectiveness of the workforce. Only then can we define what outcomes the future workplace should seek to achieve linked to productivity, health & wellbeing, brand and identity.

Efficient workplaces should reflect the nature of work, be flexible and have a purpose that’s aligned to the DNA of the business.

Rather than simply looking at generic, asset based metrics that alone offer very little benefit, iPWC supports its clients with a range of tools and activities (on-line surveys, observations, stakeholder engagement and workshops) that captures the true experience and effectiveness of the workplace, focused on activity based working principles.

Our approach is flexible and tailored for each client’s needs however, the result is the same – evidenced based information, considering a range of factors associated with the workplace that enables our clients to understand how effective and efficient their workplaces truly are.

Using this information our clients are able to make informed decisions about the necessary changes they need to introduce to their workplaces to achieve the competitive advantage they are seeking.

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