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Accommodation Strategy

Project Overview

The UCAS operation employs c450 people, with the majority located at its Head Office in Rose Hill Cheltenham. The organisation has streamlined its business processes and in doing so the headcount had, over time reduced. There building was larger than required, designed to accommodate over 650 staff and costly to run and therefore UCAS needed to consider the options open to them to downsize and reduce costs.

Our Approach

We carried out a detailed analysis of staff activities, functions and key adjacencies and developed a detailed space ‘budget’ which was used as a basis for considering remain and relocate options. We also looked at workflow and specialist equipment and how seasonal peak loads could be managed. After conducting a feasibility study the options were considered by the executive; these included:

  • Relocation within Cheltenham (either existing or new build)
  • Relocation closer to a larger populated area with better transport links
  • Stay and redevelop on the excess land on the current site and dispose of the existing building

Each of the options would be financially dependent on the proceeds from the disposal of the existing building.
For each option we also carried out a staff impact analysis so that this could be taken into account when a final decision was reached and so that any risks can be managed.

Client Requirement

UCAS wanted to explore the options for head office accommodation that provided a more cost efficient solution, smaller in size and with consideration given in the design and approach to both the current and future workforce working styles so that flexibility could be built in to the development of the portfolio solution.

Benefit to the Client

The final report provided UCAS with clear benefits and risks associated with each option along with cash flow analysis and full project costs which allowed the Board to select the recommended option from an informed position.

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