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MMU Cheshire Campus

Transition Management in support of the MMU Cheshire Campus Decant

Manchester Metropolitan University announced in 2016 it was going to withdraw from the Cheshire Campus in summer 2019. The campus was was home to over 1,500 students from around the world, supported by 350 staff across a portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the arts, business, education, humanities and sport science.

We were appointed to undertake a thorough engagement programme to validate the business needs and to ultimately oversee the seamless relocation and integration of the Cheshire Campus operations, equipment and assets into the All Saints Campus, Manchester.

The project involved working closely with key stakeholders in both Manchester and Cheshire to identify assets that needed to be retained for future business needs and transferred to new locations. Moreover, an analysis was undertaken to help determine the best and most suitable workplace adjacencies and future work locations for relocating staff and departments.

Key to the programme was the need to develop and lead a robust project integration delivery programme to ensure campus operations at both sites could operate effectively and efficiently in a period of change.

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