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SpringerNature are a global online and print publishing company across academic, scientific and educational sectors, with a highly educated and diverse workforce roles and activities. The initial scope was a pilot project of 104 people to test the suitability of more flexible ways of working. The client offices were already of a high specification and designed to accommodate a flexible way of working with a range of alternative work settings, but this practice had not been adopted to date.

We carried out an activity-based assessment survey, engaged with senior stakeholders and created a new workplace configuration to best support the activities of the pilot team. We also designed and implemented culture change programme which embedded new principles of shared occupation.

The pilot was a success and following Board approval we carried out an activity and utilisation survey of the entire 160,000 sft campus and did a deep dive engagement across the organization 1,600 employees.

The project project was delivered prior to Covid-19 and during the following year the main project was carried out while both our team and the client’s team worked fully remote.

We produced smarter working layouts for the entire campus, (reducing sqft. by 30% overall, releasing an entire building for disposal, which saved £m in rent) identified what changes needed to be made to work settings to support the new way of working, and completed a comprehensive series of behavioural change engagement activities. 

The Change Management activities were implemented from front line staff all the way up to Board Room, including Leadership Skills, Manager Briefing and Change Champion (trained by us) workshops with every team. This approach leaves Change Champions within the business with embedded knowledge to help their co-workers as they settle into their new way of working.

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