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Merry Christmas!

The team at iPWC have taken a pause from bringing in the Yule log, baking mince pies and wrapping the last of the Christmas presents this week to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year !

We're excited for what the New Year will bring. New clients with new projects gets us buzzing, and in 2024 we have a range of new products planned too, such as...

- Automated Team Agreement Tool (haven't thought of a catchy name yet!) This tool engages, automates and uses AI to help co-create Team Agreements, formalising working arrangements at the level they should be.

- Real Estate Scenario Planning Online Tool - this will light up the eyes of any Head of Real Estate or aganet who wants to model various exit, stay and relocate scenarios. (also needs a catchy name!)

- CRE Management, Dashboarding and Workflow Tool that collates and manages CRE data, manages programs and projects, communications and provides clear pathways for workplace design and strategy, real estate strategy, and change management!

So for those creative types out there, suggestions on names for these new products would be great! 😂.


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