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Still Kicking the Can? Beware, the road may run out...

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re seeing about 25-35% of employees using your offices, but you can spin that to say around 80% use the building at least one a month? Because that sounds better, right?

But it’s still mostly empty.

The employees want to socialise with their peers, but when they turn up to the office, it is deserted; it’s not been reconfigured to enable flexible working, so they don’t really bother that much. Despite the free breakfast on Tuesday and pizza on Thursday.

The company can't seem to decide if this hybrid thing is working for them, and you know that the MD is trying to get more people back in the office.

How’s that been working out?

But what can you do?

You’re paralysed when it comes to decision making – budgets are slashed for office redesign and reconfiguration because of the uncertainty of the “future way of working”.

HR are supposed to be working “on something” but nobody really knows what that is just yet.

You don’t want to pull in an office designer to help as “we don’t know what we’re doing yet”

So you’re left with just kicking the can down the street again.

How about this.

How about pulling together HR, IT, Real Estate, FM and looking at the challenge holistically.

How about collating your own data, and enriching it with deep dive information from employees about working activities and preferences.

How about using external references to inform your solutions.

How about using all of this to produce a compelling, joined up business case for approval, so that you can stop kicking the can and start moving forward with intention.

Creating a work experience and place that employees actually want to come to and which enables them to be productive. Attracting and retaining talent and potentially lowering costs too.

How about this too.

Reach out to an experienced workplace consultant who can advise, guide, facilitate and create the solutions your company needs, using your data. (You cant solve your challenges using other peoples’ data!)

Workplace consultants work holistically when it comes creating a strategy and design and we’re used to being up front facilitating that discussion between HR, CRE, IT, FM and the business.

If you’d like to know more, do reach out, we have over 20 years' experience of doing just this.


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