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We are recruiting!

We have a couple of vacancies at the moment;-

Workplace Consultant; This is a mid range position that would suit someone with c5 years experience of workplace project management.  Ideally you will have been a client side PM and worked with people in key roles in your company/organisation up to and including Executive level and therefore have excellent stakeholder management skills.  You’ll have an interest/knowledge of agile/flexible working and will be familiar with activity based analysis and be keen to develop your skills in this area. Drawing/space planning skills would be a bonus, but not essential.   You may also have had some experience of considering a property/estate strategy and understand how these are developed. We’re a young company with a hard working but fair work ethic and we take full responsibility for the advice we offer and the work we deliver. If this sounds like something you will be interested in then please use our contact page to get in touch.

Development Consultant; This is an Associate Role – i.e. you’re probably already self employed with considerable experience in this area, we would pay either a fixed fee or on a risk & reward basis. We have a couple of small scale opportunities to help a client look at alternative use values and potential redevelopment (mainly residential) of a few properties in London. If these work out well we also have one or two major developments in the pipeline.  We’d like someone to work with us, local estate agents, developers and our QS’s to consider the development options to obtain the best value for our client – either capital receipts or ongoing income.  If you feel this is something you can help with, then we’d like to hear from you –  please use our contact page to get in touch.


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