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Design with a Purpose.

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Design is a huge catalyst for change, we understand that.

Our expertise in spatial design & years' of experience unpicking how work is done, enables us to design spaces which empowers long lasting transformational change, through space, place & your people.


Our designs are not only creative, attractive and appealing, but are evidence-based with a proven record of success.

Adapting to change is possible, we've done it before.

The pandemic has forever changed the way we work, focus, collaborate & connect. We can explain how and why.


Our experience in the areas of workforce analytics, human behaviour and spatial design enables us to best assist your organisation with the transition to new ways of working, and help improve how your company works.

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Ready to take the next step?

We will guide you through the process, one step at a time, and explain why each step is important and how it impacts on the final solutions. 


We will help you to understand how your employees work, everything from virtual working to focus and team collaboration, and what that all means for the design of the workplace, so that they can perform at their best.


Check out some of our most recent projects




- G4S, UK

Our Services



  • Brief definition

  • Innovative online data capture tools

  • Deep engagement

  • Master planning

  • Building appraisals

  • Space model analysis



  • Space planning

  • Concept interior design

  • Spatial coordination

  • Visualisations

  • Work setting development



  • Furniture selection

  • Showroom visits 

  • Tender specification & analysis 

Change & Wellbeing

  • Leadership training

  • Work-setting workshops

  • Protocols & behaviours

  • Post occupancy evaluations

  • Coach, support & steer post move

Need assistance with the services above,

but don't know where to start?

Not to worry, we are here to help!

Our approach

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Design Stages


Workplace Strategy Stages

Our mission

Enabling innovation & success for our clients through their work and place

Our purpose

Delivering design solutions that actually work!

What we do

Creating inspiring, people-centric workplace designs

Who we are.

A team of dedicated designers led by:

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Mbali Chaise

I am a passionate designer, workplace consultant and change manager. Prominently working in the architecture, planning & construction industry, my experience includes creating and implementing successful workplace strategies, change initiatives and designing inspiring workplaces.


Performing at the intersection of these worlds has given me the insight, experience, and perspective to navigate all-round aspects of a project life cycle from inception through to delivery.


My goal is to continuously deliver evidence-based design solutions, which empower the end user, leading organisations to thrive & excel while enabling positive transformational change.

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Check out some of our most recent projects


Designing workplaces for People to Flourish & Grow

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71-75 Shelton Road

London, WC2H 9JQ

Our Work


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