Home & Remote Working

Many companies introduced working from home quickly, we can help you make sure your staff are productive and engaged.

Workplace Strategy & Design

Flexible workplace solutions are key to creating high performing and agile workplaces.

Portfolio Rationalisation

 Could your estate support your business objectives and deliver more for less?

Real Estate Strategy

Developing strategies aligned to our clients needs.

Workplace Change Management

Delivering lasting change and transition management.

Relocation Project Management

Delivering a seamless relocation for your business and workforce.

Space Utilisation & Workforce Profiling Surveys

Providing evidenced based metrics to help inform your future workplace strategy.

We are a specialist, real estate and workplace strategy team, with extensive experience in all sectors.

We only work for tenants/occupiers like you, making sure your people have the best workplace in the most efficient and effective real estate portfolio.

We treat every client as our only client and you can rest assured that when you commission us, our work creates real value and delivers innovative and cost effective real estate strategy, workplace strategy and design, change management, FM and relocation solutions.

“Times they are a changing” the way we use office space has changed. When is the last time you checked how much space you need? Our proactive approach to your real estate requirements makes sure your space is not only effective (people are productive) but right sized and efficient too (you only occupying as much space as you need and not waste money).

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The introduction of more flexible ways of working supports service delivery and employee flexibility. Increased homeworking has changed the role of the office space from desks to collaboration, our evidenced based approach tailors the strategy and workplace design to support your employees.

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The way we work has changed, but have your people? In a more agile work environment fuelled by our recent homeworking experience, the performance management of staff needs to change, new employee protocols need to be developed. Our Change Managers ensure every person is taken from ‘where they are’ to ‘where they want to be’ by using our proven methodology.

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We are adept at ‘hard’ facilities management contract services for offices; whether that be setting up new contracts, retendering and troubleshooting existing suppliers or helping you get your buildings reoccupied post COVID-19, we can help.

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We have the expertise to take away the burden of organising and delivering an office move for our clients. We work with your internal teams, project manager, estate agent and any external stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition that engages staff in every step.

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Covid 19 and the Workplace
Phase 1 Reoccupation: Actionable Insights & Immediate Interventions
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Homeworking and Office Reoccupation Survey Available
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